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Set-up time reduction is the most overlooked cost savings in most shops. Traditional single station vises limit your manufacturing throughput capabilities. We offer work holding solutions that offer quick modular set-ups with multi station clamping options, that can produce more parts with the same machinery you already have

5-axis machining becoming a requirement to complete this expanding market, work holding solutions come in multiple forms. We offer self-centering and dovetail vises that allow access to 5 sides of your part with only a single set-up. Clamping option available for the smallest of medical parts to Aerospace parts that may be 20 feet long

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5th Axis: our featured workholding system for 5- axis machining solutions. Offering both dovetail and crimp style jaws for same vise. Modular design allows for integration to any machining and quality measuring situation


Teco Raptor: excellent design for smaller 5 axis applications, utilizes dovetail clamping


Jergens: offers everything from standard single and double station vises, 4,6, 8 sided tombstones and custom designed workholding for every working holding need. Jergens offers solutions.


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