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Here at S&D Industrial Tools, our business is built on nurturing and maintaining customer relationships.  We strive to provide the best solutions and customer service possible to all of our clients.

Watch the videos below to see our customers give their own inside look at how S&D Industrial Tools has helped improve productivity in their shops as well as lower costs for them. We are looking forward to doing the same for you.

Atlas Specialty Products

Our first success story comes from Jose Lopez at Atlas Specialty Products about how we have helped them accomplish lower costs through inventory control and productivity improvement. We would love for you to take a look at the video below to watch what partnering with S&D can mean for your shop as well.

Fairway Injection Mold

The Southern California manufacturing industry with its diversity can be challenging for anyone. We can encounter on a daily basis, the wide variety of materials used in Aerospace, including exotic metals, filled plastics and composites. Our next client may be doing medial parts in all varieties of stainless steels holding tolerances in the millionths. Or as we see in this Success Story with the mold industry, materials that regularly exceed 65 Rockwell.

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