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Meet the S&D Industrial Tool Supply Team

In 1984, founders Sam & Diane Martlaro initiated operations from their home, armed with just a handful of clients and a commitment to "Provide Service and Dependability." Their venture proved successful, enabling them to establish a foothold in the fiercely competitive tool distribution market of Southern California. Despite evolving into one of Orange County's premier industrial tool suppliers, we take pride in maintaining enduring partnerships with many of our original customers.

At S&D Tool Supply, we firmly believe that outstanding service and reliability hinge on assembling the right team. Our team embodies the ideal combination of a positive attitude, extensive experience, and industry expertise. Guided by these principles, we have meticulously expanded our team over the years to meet and exceed these standards.

Our internal Sales team collectively boasts 20 or more years of experience dedicated to our industry. Recognized as the foremost technical application team in the region, our external Sales Team possesses the capability to guide you seamlessly from blueprint to finished products. With these considerations in mind, we are delighted to introduce you to our entire team.

Jim herman

Jim Herman

CEO / Sales

Over four decades of manufacturing expertise in Southern California, I became a part of the S&D team in 1999. Specializing in applications on the shop floor, I bring over 40+ years of experience, with a focus on cost reduction and enhancing productivity. My strength lies in finding solutions where others may face challenges.


Sam Martlaro


With almost 45 years dedicated to the manufacturing industry, I offer a profound understanding of what S&D can bring to your business. My perspective on the shop floor is distinctive, blending deep product knowledge with innovative, outside-the-box thinking.


Darren Dives

VP of Sales

Drawing upon over 30 years of experience in machining and sales, I specialize in shop floor applications, emphasizing productivity enhancement and cost reduction for S&D customers. My unwavering commitment is to consistently identify solutions for your most challenging issues.


Chandan Shiroy

VP of Operations & Vendor Relations

With over 20 years of engineering and operations experience, my aim is to streamline business processes at S&D and collaborate with vendors to provide innovative solutions for our customers. Leveraging my in-depth knowledge in composites and high-performance plastics, I am well-positioned to cater to a new segment of S&D customers.


Erin Chvat

Accounting Manager

In 2003, I began my journey with S&D as a delivery truck driver, and by 2006, I transitioned into the accounting department, taking on additional responsibilities that have led me to my current role as an Accounting Manager. My goal is to ensure compliance for accurate financial reporting. Feel free to reach out; I am prepared to assist with any inquiries or concerns related to accounting matters.

Marlene Moreno

Marlene Moreno

Operations Manager

I began my career in a machine shop in 1996 and joined S&D in 2004. My background in the shop has been instrumental in serving our customers effectively. Over the years, I've grown with S&D, seizing opportunities that have led me to my current role as an Operations Manager. With my comprehensive experience, I am well-equipped to assist you in all facets of our company.

Marleen Ramos

Marleen Lemus

VMI Specialist/Accounting Associate

As a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Specialist, I excel in optimizing supply chain efficiency and inventory management. My goal is to ensure seamless coordination between suppliers and S&D customers. Additionally, in my capacity as an Accounting Associate, I focus on maintaining precision in billing processes, ensuring accuracy to prevent discrepancies or errors in customer invoices.


Bob Coonis

Inside Sales/Customer Service

With over 30 years of expertise in customer service, my specialization lies in inside sales. I look forward to the interaction with our customers over the phone and look forward to meeting your tooling needs.  If you need it, I can find it.


John Scott

Inside Sales/Customer Service

In 1990, I completed my education at NMTA and began my career in a machine shop. Subsequently, I transitioned to inside sales, gaining experience with both manufacturer rep agency and tooling distribution. Joining S&D in 2010, I have consistently applied my extensive tooling knowledge to fulfill your requirements. I find fulfillment in the challenges presented by this industry, particularly in seeking out unique and unconventional tools.

Mike stone

Michael Stone

Inside Sales/Customer Service

With more than 8 years of experience in the customer service sector, I recognize the importance of catering to S&D customers and find satisfaction in navigating the challenges presented by the tooling industry.

Karen Seely

Karen Seely

Inside Sales/Customer Service

While I am the most recent edition to the S&D family, my involvement in the cutting tool industry exceeds 25 years. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge in the field, I am prepared to support you with your cutting tool needs. I look forward to utilizing my expertise to meet your requirements with enthusiasm.


Brandon Sakata

Account Manager – Applications Specialist

In 2010, I completed my education at the NTMA and began my apprenticeship in a mold shop and concluding it in a prototype shop. My comprehensive shop background, encompassing programming, equips me to collaborate with your team in various shop or programming settings. I find satisfaction in tackling challenging operations and leverage my expertise to provide effective solutions.


Cesar Garcia

Account Manager – Applications Specialist

For more than 15 years, I've been actively involved in various roles within the manufacturing industry. I bring with me a wealth of experience, extensive knowledge in cutting tools, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. My objective is to offer effective solutions to your manufacturing queries and contribute to making your business more profitable.


Damon Beckley

Account Manager – Applications Specialist

With over 26 years of expertise in CNC Machining, programming, application engineering, and sales, I possess a strong foundation in cutting tools. My dedication lies in providing exceptional service and support, fueled by my enthusiasm for creative problem-solving.

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