From Scrap to Cash

In the manufacturing industry, the costs associated with scrap are widely recognized. This is especially true when dealing with investment casting parts that have undergone extensive machining. A single mishap during this process can result in significant waste of both time and money.

Recently, one of our clients encountered a similar scenario. During the final operation, which involved finish boring, they encountered an issue. Three holes were bored to the upper limit of tolerance but failed to meet the required finish standard of 32RMS or higher. As a result, they faced the prospect of scrapping a supposedly "finished" part valued at over $7,000.

They reached out to S&D seeking assistance. Collaborating with our supplier, Elliott Tool, we were able to offer them an off-the-shelf solution to their problem. Elliott had burnishing tool components in stock and was able to assemble a tool and ship withing 2 days.

The tool worked flawlessly; customer actually commented it seemed too easy. Working together, we successfully improved all three holes from a 125RMS finish to a 32RMS finish without altering the hole size, while remaining within the specified print tolerance.

It was truly rewarding to transform what seemed like scrap part into cash for our customer.

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Figure 1Elliott ID roller burnish tool (