High Efficiency Milling, is Speed Really the Answer?

High Efficiency Milling Example

There is a lot of talk in our industry now about both High-Efficiency milling which uses solid carbide end mills and High Feed Milling with Indexable carbide inserts. These two machining process are so radically different solid carbide end mills typically engage the work piece along the length of the flutes. While High Feed indexable cutters cut on the end of tool. Which is really better?

Proper application begins with an unbiased technical application specialist review

That’s a question that requires more than just a one-word answer. To determine which is best for your application you need to work with an unbiased technical application specialist, such as our team here at S&D Industrial Tool Supply. We invest our time in understanding which Core Product Partners have the right tool for your needs.

High Efficiency Milling is becoming a part of every programmer’s library. Many CNC machines have built in programs such as “Dynamic Milling” to assist in writing tool paths. There is more to High Efficiency Milling than only programming, selecting the right sold carbide end mill for the material, size of the part. Are you roughing or finishing and your CNC machines capability are critical to your success. The vast majority of High Efficiency Milling is done with end mills 5/8” and smaller. Our team will guide you through the best that each of our Core Suppliers have to offer.

High Feed Indexable Milling cutters depending on your application offer a very different set of options. While the axial DOC may be smaller, High Feed cutters make up for that with larger radial WOC, higher feed rates per flute and of course the cost an indexable carbide insert compares to solid carbide tools are significantly less. High Feed Indexable cutter most often are used when cutter sizes of ¾” they 4” are required.

More information on high-efficiency milling applications

One of our Core Partners Kyocera Precision Tooling recently had an article published in Modern Machine News. The article detailed several head to head test with solid carbide and indexable tools in multiple applications.

I encourage you to check it out at;

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