S&D Difference – Maximizing your Profitability


In the semiconductor industry, large runs and throughput are the keys to profitability. A local semiconductor company operates in just this way. They have been enjoying running the same parts for years and have been happy with the tooling. When an opportunity arose for S&D’s Darren Dives, to go over the job with the customer, he recognized an area for immediate improvement.

Customers’ parts were being run from C1215 steel bar stock, which required every part to be cut off. Working with one of our suppliers, Mitsubishi, and our local rep Aram Fundukian, they offered test tools for the opportunity to demonstrate the additional profitability for our customer. The results speak for themselves.

• We doubled the SFM from 250 to 500.
• Increased the feed by 80% from .0012 IPR to .006 IPR with great chip formation (Figure 1)
Figure 1 • The previous insert was averaging 200 pcs per edge, the new insert grade doubled it to we are at 400+ pcs per edge.
• Increased throughput from 15 pcs per hour to 40 pcs per hour, an 82% increase in productivity.
• Increased productivity means increased profits, in this case, an annual saving of $3,044.00 on just this one part.

As the Mitsubishi cutoff system is integrated into other machines, profits will continue to soar…. One simple change can yield big rewards, as our customers experienced it. That is the “S&D Difference”.