More Than Just Tooling

While S&D primarily specializes in cutting tools and the application of those tools. We also work to meet all our customers to meet their PPE (personal protective equipment) needs.

A large machine shop, with about 125 employees, utilizes one of the VMI systems we offer to manage the inventory and PPE needs. Our sales associate Cesar Garcia is always looking for ways to reduce costs and improve profitability for his customers. He noticed that small items like cut-resistant gloves are among the most used items within our VMI system. Even though S&D was already providing a premium brand of these cut-resistant gloves, he knew a more economical, yet equal brand existed in the market.

Cesar teamed up with Ryder Bore from Azusa Safety and they were able to provide a different glove offering superior, Cut, Tear, and Puncture resistance at a reduced price to the customer. As in most machine shops, change is met with skepticism by the machinists. After trying the new gloves, the improved performance and comfort were welcomed and appreciated.

Minor changes can be made and still offer valuable savings, these new gloves offered cost savings of 21% per pair or about a cost reduction of $1.49 each. This resulted in estimated annual cost savings, based on yearly usage of $3,200.00 without compromising on the safety of the customers and employees. Both accounting and HR appreciate “The S&D Difference.”

Let us bring this level of service and attention to every detail of your facility.


More than just tooling blog image
Figure 1 Improved solution: Azusa Safety superior cut, tear, and puncture resistance gloves.