The 60HRC Drill Challenge

Recently, a client took on a job as a favor to assist one of their regular customers. However, they discovered that the D2 Steel material, originally specified at 40 HRC hardness, was received at 60 HRC hardness due to an error in the customer's order. With the longer lead time for the material, the client had to drill the D2 material in its hardened state. Facing this challenge, they reached out to S&D for assistance, knowing that drilling hardened D2 material would be difficult.

Drill Considerations:
Damon Beckley, S&D’s application specialist teamed up with our drill supplier Nachi, and their application specialist Cary Schlegel who after reviewing the customer’s application, setup and CNC program suggested Nachi Aqua Revo Stub Drill EDP # 0769978 L9860 2.1mm


Figure 1 Nachi Aqua Revo Drill

The New Aqua Revo drill series Engineered with a new carbide substrate, nanocomposite REVO-D coating, and innovative cutting-edge geometry; is specifically crafted for super hard materials. Cary Schlegel, drawing from his prior experience using the tool on hardened materials, confidently deemed the Aqua Revo Drill as the optimal choice for addressing this particular challenge.

Results of the Aqua Revo Drill:

Application/Material: Blind Hole – Hole depth – 0.08” – D2 Steel (60 HRC)

Tool: L9860 Ø2.1mm Aqua Revo Drill

Speed/Feed: SFM: 60 (RPM=2770) Feed: 0.0009 IPR (2.5 IPM) – 1 shot drilling

# of Holes: 84


The drill remained in excellent condition, capable of producing numerous holes while maintaining the required tolerance as per the customer's specifications. The Nachi Revo Drill effectively drilled D2 Steel with a hardness of 60 HRC while adhering to the necessary tolerance levels. Consequently, the customer accomplished the task using just one drill.

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