Tough Problems, Easy Solutions

Picture of Jim Herman with Injection Mold Clients

Tough Problems, Easy Solutions

The Southern California manufacturing industry with its diversity can be challenging for anyone. We can encounter on a daily basis, the wide variety of materials used in Aerospace, including exotic metals, filled plastics, and composites. Our next client may be doing medial parts in all varieties of stainless steels holding tolerances in the millionths. Or as we see in this Success Story with the mold industry, materials that regularly exceed 65 Rockwell.

Our Experience Will Help Us Meet Your Manufacturing Challenges

Knowing how to successfully meet each of these challenges leads to some tough problems. The easy solution, call the experts at S&D. Our sales team has over 150 years of combined experience in machine shops all over Southern California. While no one person ever has all the answers, as a team we have virtually seen it all. It’s essential for our success that we regularly get together with our core suppliers for training on the newest cutting tool innovations and share any struggles and how we successfully overcame them.

Your team of cutting tool experts is just a call away, when you have Tough Question, S&D provides Easy Solutions. We look forward to partnering with you on all your machining applications

See More on This S&D Tool Customer Success Story

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We are anxious to start down the path to partnership with your company as well.

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