The Power of Inventory Management

Significant Growth led to overspending and stock outs A cutting-Edge Space Company experienced significant growth in recent years. However, this growth also posed some challenges for the company’s tooling management system. Challenge Tooling items, such as cutting tools, inserts, and holders, are essential for the Space company’s machine shop to produce quality parts that meet…

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The S&D Difference

Our customers know they can rely on us to provide solutions to their productivity improvement process. Case in point S&D partnered with our customers and suppliers to reduce cycle time to meet production requirements without adding machines or additional personnel, but running other projects. Scenario Running on a CNC vertical mill, steel casting, requiring 52…

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Tough Problems, Easy Solutions

Picture of Jim Herman with Injection Mold Clients

The Southern California manufacturing industry with its diversity can be challenging for anyone. We can encounter on a daily basis, the wide variety of materials used in Aerospace, including exotic metals, filled plastics, and composites. Our next client may be doing medial parts …

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