VMI Systems Help us Build Successful Partnerships


How We Build Successful Partnerships

Partnership is often talked about in our industry but rarely achieved. Over a series of articles and video testimonials by our customers, I hope to explain that partnership with S&D can come in many forms. Partnership is more than just the business relationship or even a friendship. True partnership is built on respect, mutual support and a desire to meet or exceed your partners' needs.

VMI Systems Help Us Exceed Customer Expectations

In our first story, S&D has partnered with Atlas Specialty Products. Atlas is a high production machine shop, which means having cutting tool inventory available 24 hours a day 7 days a week is critical. But more than just available the inventory must be controlled so costs are not out of control.

S&D brought the solution with several of our VMI Systems. S&D handles the re-ordering and re-filling of the cabinets, but any competent distributor can offer some version of this service. As you will see in this video, we offer all of these services and the expertise needed to not just continue doing the same things

S&D and our manufacturing partners are bringing solutions that reduce cost and improve productivity,

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Please take a moment to watch this video.

We are anxious to start down the path to partnership with your company as well.

Look for another “Success Story” in the coming weeks