What COVID-19 Taught Me


What I Learned from COVID 19

I think when I look back at all that has happened so far this year and probably for months to come, I hope to learn some lessons from this season in our lives.  I am of the belief it is time for America to get back to work and save the greatest economy on the planet.  We need to do it safely and responsibly, but we need to do it quickly.  If given the opportunity we will overcome these challenges.  In the same way, we have overcome many challenges in our past that we don’t even think about any longer.  There is a spirit and strength in Americans, that when set free, are the backbone of what makes the greatest country on earth and the envy of the world.  To the extent all our politicians and leaders either encourage or try to squelch this spirit I will be happy to talk with you personally about.  But this is about what I’ve learned through this experience:

I’ve learned that I took many things in my life for granted and didn’t take time to appreciate them, both personally and professionally.  Here are a few that I’ve been thinking about.  I hope this causes you to do the same.

  1. I look forward to the next time I greet you at your shop that I can reach out and shake your hand like a man.  Maybe not politically correct either, but, nevertheless.  The act of a handshake is one of the things I miss most about my job right now.
  2. I look forward to sitting down to a meal in a restaurant.  Whether this is with my family, friends or business associates.  We can always find time to talk about business and yes, we do talk business at lunch.  I also miss the stories and laughs we share about our families, vacations or just life.  I believe business is more than just a transaction.  We do business with people we like.
  3. I look forward to yes, bringing a box of donuts to the shop.  Always complying with current FOD guidelines ha-ha.  It is such a simple thing, but with each donut I hand out I get the opportunity to ask a real person how they are doing?  Sometimes I get just a generic response, but there are times when it leads to a much better conversation. Funny how you get to know which donut someone will grab too.
  4. I look forward to a hug from my Mom and other family members that are doing the responsible thing and being safe.
  5. I look forward to being able to tell the difference between a weekend and a weekday.  I won’t take for granted again being able to go fishing anytime I want, playing golf with friends or just going for a walk with my wife or grandson after dinner without be required to wear a mask.   Freedoms we take for granted, can be taken from us.
  6. Finally, while many of you choose not to, I miss gathering together at Church each Sunday.  While there is something to be said for watching Church online in my pajamas eating a bowl of Cheerios (camera off obviously).  There is a bond that we cannot enjoy unless we are in the presence of others that have similar beliefs as we do.

I believe we all need to do our part in business and our families to remain healthy and keep each other safe.  I also believe the fear of COVID and the results of that fear could be worse than the virus itself.

Will we get back to normal?  I hope not.  I want to remember the things I’ve learned from this time and appreciate all that I have and have taken for granted.  I encourage you to do the same.  Learning from our mistakes will keep us from re-living them again, whether it is how we respond to a global pandemic or just living every day and being grateful for the small things.

Looking forward to meeting face-to-face soon.


Jim Herman